Fun Real-world Chinese/English

Using the latest mobile and learning technology, SnapLingo APP guides a new generation of kids in the U.K., U.S., Australia, Canada and China to practice Chinese/English and share cultures in a fun and safe environment. And they earn virtual and cash rewards while doing it!


    Chat (read, write, and speak) in Chinese/English with students in China and America! We take care of the timezone difference.


    Complete missions of photo posts, Penpal matching and “Teach & Learn” while making new friends and earn cool rewards in an interactive virtual world.


    We take safety seriously. Our platform provides student verification, content filtering, and chat moderation.

A valuable tool for parents & educators

Designed for kids aged 7 - 15

Connect your kids with students from top schools in China. Help take their Chinese skills out of the classroom and into the real world.

Use SnapLingo as a cross-cultural learning activity, class communication tool, and for peer-assessment. Learn more about the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project.

Safety and security are our priorities. We verify users through schools and filter all uploaded content.



Improve language skills while having fun!

  • Secure Chat Portal - Send messages to friends abroad
  • Peer Feedback - Give and receive language help
  • Photo Clubs - Discover real Chinese culture and share your own
  • Cool Rewards - Earn as you learn!
  • Kids teaching kids

    Building a global learning community

    Students around the world are teaching and learning through SnapLingo. Top bilingual users of SnapLingo will be given the honorary status of Bilingual Stars. We provide a safe global learning community to help improve their language skills and cultural awareness.

    SnapLingo is being used by students in top language programs in China and the US.

    What our users are saying

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    • Yalan King

      Executive Director, Mandarin Institute

      "SnapLingo lets American students engage in real-world authentic dialogues

      with Chinese students of similar ages and shared interests, in a safe and secure environment,

      enabling students to learn from each other."

    • Francis

      Age 12, Palo Alto

      "I'm not into social media, but this is different.

      You can chat with kids you don't normally get to meet and practice Chinese!"

    • Chloe

      Age 10, San Francisco

      "This is cool! I've never been to China,

      but I can ask kids over there about what it's like."

    • Karen

      Age 8, San Francisco

      "It's nice to learn Chinese from other kids.

      I help them out by teaching them English!"

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